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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bpo Volume Increasing

Any of you doing bpo's right now might have noticed that the number of bpo orders is increasing.

There's a more orders coming in now than I have seen in the past 4 months. I personally received just today, from Mark to Market, about 35 orders. Now I didn't take them all. I took a hand full. I'm still working on a large order for another client that does give out listings.

That's another thing you have to think about. If you want listings. Stick to the companies that will have the assets to sell them.

Places like Clear Capital, Mark to Market, PCV Murcor etc are just mills. You wont get a listing but it will get your name around.

Mark to Market I know doesn't give out listings but I sure can crank out 7 or 8 of these in one day and they still pay the full 50 dollars per order. Not like some of the cheaper ones at 40 or 45.

Its getting late so I'll follow up this post with some of the best companies I've worked with. It'll have to be tomorrow.

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